Peak Seismic Solutions is a recently formed seismic acquisition consultancy specialising in all aspects of Ocean Bottom Seismic and associated services, you can find out more about what we do here.


Our management team has over 50 years e xperience in the seismic industry, covering seismic acquisition (onshore / offshore and transition zone), processing, sales and marketing.


It is our aim to deliver high quality seismic acquisition consultancy services worldwide to allow you to make the right acquisition decisions first time, everytime.


We are able to take your seismic  survey from design and feasibility studies, through the tender and contractor selection process and then through the acquisition QC phase to final report, or any part thereof.


Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirements in detail.

Our Mission:


To manage all project related activities in a competitive and responsible way with focus on Quality, Safety and Environment creating lasting value to all our Clients and exceeding their expectations.


Our Vision:


To be a pioneer in integrated project management optimizing project execution performance and utilization for our Customers by tailoring our range of services to meet the Client specific requirements.